FUNnel Vision on the RUNWAY! Awesome Styles! All Smiles!!

Lexi, Michael and Chase show Cool Styles of fall fashion trends on the runway! This is their third year doing this, although it’s Chase’ first year! We hope you enjoy this funny video. 🙂
Thumbs up for them!
And if you watch a lot of our SKylander Videos, then you’ll probably recognize the “Skylander Friends” a “Skylander Aunt” & “Skylander Grandma” … 🙂

And what do you think of the new intro?

Thanks for watching!
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  1. Hey my name is mekhi ive been a fan since i was 6 im 12….. K love all ur vids i follow all of u can u plzz email me what ur s ap is…. I watvh all of u guys musicallys and mike followed me back and texts me he told me lots of stuff wherr u guys live and stuff but all i want is ur snap plzzzz duddy REPLY…..


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