MERMAID ROLLER COASTER in POOL!? FUNnel Vision Aqua Adventure w/ Nemo, Dory & Sharks (Fin Fun Tail)

Who needs a huge water slide for a pool when you have a ROLLER COASTER!?!?! Yup, we used our old Step 2 Extreme Backyard Roller Coaster for the pool. Not sure why we just got the idea now after all this time but man it’s a super fun thing to do!! Finding Dory & Nemo Characters swam with us including some sharks! Lexi also has a new mermaid tail from fin fun. She can look, move & swim just like a mermaid. She does some Dolphin Interaction impressions as well as a Sea Lion impression so if you’ve seen our Bahama videos or other Wild Sea Life Animals videos you should enjoy that part of this aquatic adventure. Thumbs up for a Sharks, Nemo, Dory, Crush, Roller Coasters & Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Swimming 4K video! 🙂

Dory Voice by Ma from FunkeeBunch:


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